Capabilities and Core Competencies

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  • Proven record of excellence in launch execution and takeover projects
  • Best practice project management - consistently meeting project milestones and on-time new model introduction
  • Environmental Management
    • Continuous improvement in minimising environmental impact of our processes
    • Development of conversion processes to render toxic pollutants inert

Quality Certifications

  • TS16949
  • ISO14001
  • Q1 - Ford
  • ECE
  • DOT 


  • Design responsibility for OEM plastic automotive parts
  • Automation and robotic assembly design expertise
  • Technical support agreements with global equipment manufacturers
  • Collaborative product development with innovative material suppliers
  • In-house testing to ECE R43 and ADR
  • Finite element analysis, product validation and durability
  • CMM aided design and dimension control


  • World leading thin wall moulding application for wheel covers
  • Sequential gating applications to allow quality moulding of long parts
  • Machine sizes ranging from 100 tonne to 2300 tonne
  • Wide range of materials - polypropylene (including glass filled, mineral filled, PP EPDM and UV stabilised), polyethylene and ABS (all in a range of colours), polycarbonate, ASA and Nylon
  • Class A moulded surfaces for flawless painted and chrome finishes
  • Mould Flow Simulation Analysis
  • CAD Systems (Catia, UG, CP3- Ideas)
  • Six Sigma methodology


  • Ability to manage over 60 colour variants in a JIT environment
  • Paint finishes including high and low gloss, high and low bake and monocoat
  • Variety of painting systems to fulfil virtually any plastic painting requirement - 1k and 2k, solvent and water-borne, robotic and manual, electrostatic and conventional

Chrome Plating

  • Over 10 years experience in highly decorative exterior assemblies
  • Ability to plate a wide range of substrates including ABS and PC/ABS
  • Expanding our expertise through the application of Six Sigma methodology in partnership with raw materials suppliers


  • Full automated robotic assembly systems
  • Automatic soldering cell
  • Robotic door glass assembly
  • Plastic welding automation
  • Assembly of embedded electronics and sensor brackets
  • Poka-yoke error proofing

Glazing Systems

  • Lehr furnace for windscreens - consistent deep bend and press assist capability facilitating the production of an acoustic windscreen which assists the suppression of road and engine noise
  • Press bending - press bent toughened rear windows with superior reflected optics
  • Gravity bent and toughened side windows
  • Integrated antenna - develop and print antennae onto the rear and side glass of the vehicle to eliminate a rod aerial for the following applications
    • AM
    • FM
    • GPS
    • Mobile Phone
    • TV and other services
  • Capability to produce laminated sidelights for use on high spec vehicles
    • Safety - less risk of full or partial ejection, increased resistance to object penetration
    • Security - reduced theft from cars, personal security and increased protection from intrusion
    • Comfort - solar control improvement resulting in
      • Reduced direct solar radiation
      • Reduced air and component temperature
      • Improved air conditioning efficiency
    • UV Protection
    • High Frequency Noise Reduction