MHG Asia Pacific diversifies into new Glass Market

MHG Asia Pacific has won design and production contracts with SMC Pneumatics in Castle Hill NSW for a new design bus door glass. The design and supply of transportation equipment is a new market for MHG Asia Pacific.

SMC Pneumatics approached MHG Asia Pacific with a design challenge. There was a risk that some heated bus door glass panels may break due to high temperature variance in cold weather. Through the use of unique expertise at MHG Asia Pacific in Geelong, a new demist feature for the door glass will deliver gains in product quality, durability and effectiveness in cooler climates such as those experienced in the ACT. In the future, there is potential for the new design to be used in other cold regions such as Tasmania and the new design will service back to existing bus door frames.

MHG Asia Pacific has expertise in automotive glass design and production and collaborative engineering personnel who can provide solutions on a range of products - both laminated and toughened glass to comply with international standards.

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