MHG Asia Pacific leads in offering high strength plastic components

MHG Asia Pacific is now offering high strength injection moulded parts for a range of applications. With recent advances in thermoplastic technology, MHG Asia Pacific, using SABIC Innovative Plastics, is producing intricate precision parts for automotive use. These parts offer low tooling cost and large weight reduction compared to steel. They are a more cost effective solution than exotic metals or carbon fibre composites.

The high level of competency with these parts has been developed by MHG Asia Pacific over many years. The benefits this technology provides can be applied to many industries and products especially where light weight, exacting parts are required, even in demanding structurally stressed applications.

Current parts include cross-members for the Ford Falcon and Ford Territory. These injection moulded parts allow greater rigidity, corrosion and chemical resistance than metal parts (especially moulded steel) with the main benefit being weight reduction from the vehicle in the order of 5 kg. This outstanding result has been achieved through a high level of engineering cooperation between Ford, MHG Asia Pacific and material supplier SABIC IP. All parts are recyclable and in fact the post-industrial recycled plastic can be used in new automotive parts as Renault has demonstrated.

MHG Asia Pacific can provide metal replacement solutions for any industry and our in-house engineers will help with an innovative, co-operative approach.

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