MHG Asia Pacific wins 2012 Toyota President's Award

MHG Asia Pacific's Automotive Glass Plant has won a prestigious Toyota President's Award for outstanding Jishuken in 2012. This award recognises the achievement of major improvements to productivity and human resource development in the Automotive Glass Plant in Geelong. The award was presented at Toyota's Annual Awards Evening on 22 April 2013. This is the first time that Toyota has offered this award in Australia.

The Toyota President's Awards recognises excellence in automotive suppliers in a number of key areas. MHG Asia Pacific has a consistent record of achievement with these awards winning the Toyota President's Award for Cost Improvement last year, as well as being nominated for the Industry Contribution Award.

Throughout 2012, the MHG Asia Pacific Automotive Glass Plant worked on a number of programs following the Jishuken process to bring about intense productivity improvements in the most efficient way. In announcing the Award, Toyota noted that the dedicated Shop Floor Team demonstrated that the key to "Jiritsuka" is human resource development, "Monozukuri" and a hands-on approach to the Toyota Production System. The result was a 20% improvement in productivity and a motivated and engaged workforce ready to take on the next challenge. In applying Jiritsuka to the glass assembly line, the MHG Asia Pacific Team identified cost effective improvements and trained operators in the improved process.

MHG Asia Pacific supplies all Automotive Glass Products to Toyota's Australian vehicle assembly operation. The high quality standards and cost competitiveness at MHG Asia Pacific are available for additional high volume vehicle glass supply. Please contact us with any enquiries.



Kaizen: A process of continuous improvement eliminating sources of waste at all levels of an organisation
Jishuken: Management driven kaizen which stimulates continuous improvement
Jiritsuka: Self-sustainability e.g. an organisation with the right skills and alignment that maintains a culture of kaizen at all levels of the business
Monozukuri: Consideration and understanding of man, machine, material and method throughout all phases of product and process development